4e-7 Written Out in Numbers

4e-7 is a number represented in Scientific Notation. It simply means 4 × 10^-7. The 'e' stands for exponent and you can think of it as a shorthand for ×10^. Sometimes capital E is used. This notation is also often used in computer programming languages.

Answer: 4e-7 in decimal form is equal to 0.0000004

How to Convert 4e-7 to decimal number?

Converting 4e-7 from scientific notation to decimal notation, first remove the e-7 on the end, then shift the decimal separator 7 digits to the left in number 4 and the result is 0.0000004

4e-7 = 4 × 10-7 = 0.0000004

Therefore, 4e-7 on a calculator means 0.0000004 as a decimal number

What is Scientific Notation?

Scientific notation is a way of expressing real numbers that are too large or too small to be conveniently written in decimal form.

What is 4e-7 means?

4e-7 is equal to 0.0000004

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